Sunday, November 02, 2008

a trip to the fair

So for a week now I have been debating about whether to take a break and go over to the coastal empire fair. I saw a billboard advertising a petting zoo that peaked my interest, but on Saturday morning when I read this on their website I knew I had to go see some hatching chickens.
"We are Hatching Eggs. You can view eggs hatching in their incubators. Chicks will be hatching daily through Saturday and children can watch the chicks break out of their shells and learn to walk and eat. With adult supervision, children will be allowed to touch the newly hatch chicks. Visit the Fair until Saturday to see this fascinating exhibit."
I walked the entire fair (or so I thought) looking for the animals. Turns out I missed them and they were in the front. Cows and goats getting a fresh shave and brush before the judging began.

Goats in Uniform
Stripe and his kid
I wondered into the building where they were hiding the baby chickens. Although I didn't get to witness any hatchings there was clearly evidence of past hatchings and hatchings to come. I was not so patient.
The Incubator
While looking at the chicks a small girl, her mom and her grandmom came and stood by me and the chicken tank. The girl wanted to touch them (it was allowed, I touched them). The mother said something to the fact that now the child wanted to touch something but at the petting zoo she didn't want to touch anything. I said to the mother where is this petting "zoo", knowing the only animals i had seen were goats and cows and that hardly defines a zoo.
Kissing Cows
She told me it was around the corner and I decided it was time to go home. As I was driving around the fairground to get out to the main road I looked to the left and there stood a camel. I don't know how I missed it from the inside, but I have to say i was a little disappointed in my observational skills. I may need to have my eyes checked again. Anyway, It was a good time none the less and here are some fun pictures of baby chickens to prove it.

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