Friday, April 27, 2007

That's Clever!

It has been a week since the "That's Clever" film crew taped my segment. I haven't really known what to do with myself since then. Their visit consumed my life for the past two months, getting all my steps ready and fixing up the barn. Now it is over and I have to wait until next year before it airs on HGTV. Until then here are some pictures from the new and improved barn/studio before the shoot.

These are the two projects they filmed. Balloon Vase and Geet.

These are all the vases I had to have ready at various stages.

These are the geets at various stages.

This is the new and improved barn.

A BIG Huge thinks to my parents for coming to help get the barn ready! and for the peanut butter balls. And a special thanks to April for coming to sit with me during the shoot while David was away.

I think things went great (they may say otherwise). If anything I decided I will not be persuing my dreams of becoming an actress. : ) I found out I freeze on camera, in front of those lights and forget everything (Where am I?). Oh no, it wasn't that bad, but at times it felt that way. At least the guys were super nice and patient. I can't wait to see how it turns out after it is all edited.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Filming In Progress.

I set a goal this new year to do one fabric painting a month. These will fill April and May's quota. I went ahead and planned them out before I have to put all my fabric away for the film crew. Yes, Film Crew!!! I have been chosen to be filmed for a segment of "That's Clever" on HGTV. I am excited and the preperation has kept me busy. I have to say I have been more productive within the past month than I have since the new year started. They are going to film me making an oblong balloon vase and a geet. Specifically these:

In progress Fabric paintings and other various pictures:

Possum heart tree (i was inspired by out new backyard friends)

Vulture and Bunny (we don't have vultures or bunnys in the backyard)
Underglazed balloon vases.

I have alot of cleaning to do. (notice the table David and his dad built for me to work on. You will have to just imagine its awsomeness since it is covered with mess.
And the Bass in the background David is teaching me to play. )

The barn has been over taken by all my practice pieces. 50 balloons later, I think I have the process down now.

Playin' Possum

We caught our backyard possem in the act last night. I went out the back door and he jumped up on the fence. I am not sure what he was up to, but he sure looks guilty of something. Several weeks ago this and one of its buddys started hanging around looking for grubs and what-not. Maybe they will run off the moles.