Thursday, May 12, 2011

Trojan Deer Casting

I started a new project, a life-size Trojan deer for my birds to ride around in and claim their next victim. It has been slow process. Deciding exactly how I was going to make this happen was the hard part. My dear uncle, avid hunter, let me borrow his target practice for a while. Luckily it is the off season. Above you can see me wrapping it up for protection. It was much harder than I imagined.

My friend Mary Cale helped get me started with the plaster gauze. I think her high school students are better at it than I was.
First round done.
Second round I decided to make my own gauze and in hind sight I should have just ordered more of the real stuff. I made a huge mess.
But it all worked out and released from the original without issue.