Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ice- Atlanta

This Saturday David, His parents and I went up to Atlanta so I could participate in Ice the Indie Craft show I have been telling you about. It was alot of fun and a success by my standards. I got to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones. You can see by the pictures we were in a big warehouse, and unfortunatley it was the coldest day of the season yet. In some of the pictures you can see the masses huddled around the heaters. I am glad I wore a big jacket. Unfortunatley, I didn't get very many good pictures to show all the neat stuff that was there. I think it is the biggest show I have been a part of so far. Despite the long drive home, I will surely be involved again next time.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Cards

I am going to Ice-Atlanta (an independent craft show) this Saturday so I have been busy making Christmas Cards. Snowflakes and Christmas Trees. I have also been working on new balloon vases and worn the kiln out doing so. I hope after a little time off it will be ok.

Info on the Craft Show:
Date: Saturday, December 9th, 2006Time: Noon - 8 PM

Admission: $5 (a portion of the door fee goes towards raising money for Hagar House, a local shelter for women and children)

Location: The B Complex1272 Murphy Ave SWAtlanta, GA 30310


Monday, November 27, 2006

Donkey? Yes.

In reply to the mysterious comment I recieved a few posts back. It is funny you ask, I HAVE been doing some research on the subject. Here is a picture I took over Thanksgiving.
I was led into their habitat by one of the finest guides around. Even though my life was in danger I was able to get this shot of them without being spotted. Just look at those beady eyes. That is Jack on the left standing next to his baby girl (Jennie, the mom is in the background).

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Craft Shows

I liked Mutation so much that I thought I would participate in some other craft fairs. One is this weekend at a church right down the road from where we live. Another is in Atlanta, GA at the begining of December. You can click on the title above to go to Ice-Atlanta's website. I will be busy getting ready with the new balloon shells and Christmas greeting cards. Sounds like holiday fun to me.

In the Studio.

This weekend I worked on some Balloon Shells and thought I would take the opportunity to share a little about the process through a couple of pictures. (Thanks to David for taking them) They give you a good idea how the studio is set up. What a mess! I installed a pully system so I can dip the balloons, hang them on the line and then rotate the line in preperation for the next one. There is a trough to catch the drips so they can easily be reconstituted back into slip.

I thought this one would be a good example of their size. Any questions? I will be glad to answer them.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Updated Website.

I have been working on improving and updating the website. I have added links to the blog and eventually... A Store. If I can ever figure out how something like that should work. The images are almost up to date. So you can find more ceramic work, more cards, and more fabric paintings. I am just missing a couple of geets. I need to go through and update the things that have been sold and the contact page. Wow, when I write it all down I see there is a lot to get done. Until then... you can click on the title, "Updated Website", and go see the new stuff.


The monster house. I was afraid no one noticed, but a couple of kiddies offered us kudos while taking some candy. We got a "way cool", "hey, your house looks like a monster house", and my favorite..."your house is SO pretty, I like it, it's like a square."
Yep, "a square", I think that says it all, and with that, I think we made our neighborhood a little bit better place to live this halloween.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Pictures from Mutation

The great and wonderful Amy (one of the ones who created Mutation) has created a Flicker page with lots of photos from this and previous Craft Fairs. I didn't take my camera around so I am glad she doesn't mind sharing. Just click on the title above to see what went down.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Card Page update.

Card Page has been updated. I need to do a bigger overhaul, but until then i just want to get what i have done one the site. So here they are. Click on the Title above to go strait there.

Monday, October 09, 2006


The day was an overall success. We got alot of traffic, I met alot of people and I sold alot of things. My mom and dad came down for support as well as friends here in town.(THANKS!) It was lots of fun. Now I have to start thinking about what's next. First, I think I will revamp the website. Then maybe think about gallery space. And Christmas presents. Who knows. But I do know the house needs some work in the meantime. For now here is a picture of my spread.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Cow. It is finished.

Isn't she cute? Next time I think I will do the background in pink. I am on a mission to find other fun things i might put patterns on. Maybe even do some screen printing. The next couple of months are going to be devoted to serious experimentation. That is, after i get the house in working order again.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Craft Show Countdown #2

I have compleated three new fabric paintings. This time I didn't strech two and opted for a pre-made frame instead. What do you think?

Craft Show Countdown

Just 3 more days. I got a fresh kiln load of balloon shells finished just in time for Mutation. Here is a little preview of some of my favorites. As you can tell it is not just flowers anymore. These cups and bowls are big enough to drink from. Some are even hefty enough to fill with your favorite cereal and chow down. (that's what i would do with mine. )

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The countdown has begun.

The craft fair is THIS Weekend. I still have alot to do, but I am really excited. Click on the Title above to go to their website and learn more about Mutation.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Today has been a big day for the blog. And it gets even bigger with this... My pet one legged pigeon. He comes to eat breadcrumbs outside the place I work. I happen to catch him with the camera today. Hopping and flopping around. He is such a trooper.

Bunny Fabric Painting

David and I went to yard sales on Saturday and I hit the motherload. Someone was selling their fabric for practically nothing. I have plenty at home, but the new loot was inspirational. This is one of the two I have made so far.

The Cow.

I know, I know, I am now officially one step closer to that area filled with molds, Indians on horses, and senior citizens. But the lady I buy my slip from had this and I could not resist. I guess I lived close to the border of Mexico long enough for their patterned ceramic animals to take hold of my subconscious and this is how it decided to come out. Man, I miss green tamales. Anyway, It is not quite finished yet, she still needs a coat of glaze. But when she's done... I don't think this will be the last you see of something like this from me. There is no turning back now.

More Balloon Shells.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Day Job.

This is the website I designed for Black Dog Studio. (The company I work for.) All I can say it is better than what was there before. I hope you enjoy looking at the fancy cabinets. Click on the title above to go there.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bigger Balloon Shells

Here are some "balloon shells" I have just fired. They are still super thin. They are only bigger than the original, but I like the size it is just right to fit in the palm, like a piece of fruit. Also, there is more surface to decorate. And that can be nice.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Last Thursday

1 port-o-potty
1 front porch
1 road sign
1 compound fracture
1 large man(condition unknown)
1 white work truck
1 missing spare tire
1 plum PT cruiser
1 little red truck. Making it's last debut on the 11:00 news.
Thank goodness I was able to walk away from all of this.