Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Handmade Market

I signed up for The Handmade Market on Monday.

I was on the fence about driving, but as I feel asleep on Sunday night I felt a little disappointed when I thought I had missed the deadline. Thinking a little harder I remembered my Little Twin Stars planner, David bought me while he was in Japan, starts it’s weeks of on Monday and not Sunday. It wasn’t too late after all.

So that is where I will be Saturday May 3rd.

Fabric Paintings @ ShopSCAD

These are just a few of them. Small Space Bird (sorry it is such a bad picture)

Hedgehog with bird balloon

Geets at ShopSCAD

Four of each color. I don't know if they got them up on the website yet.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

New website drawings.

A lot has happened since the beginning of the year. Shop SCAD is carrying some of my fabric paintings and geets. I am involved in an art show sponsored by the City of Savannah. One of my fabric paintings was in the SCAD Society of Illistratosr winter show called "Things with Wings". And I have set off on an adventure through the vast art of cake decorating. But I don’t have pictures of any of that right now so you will have to settle for a drawing of this bird I would like to animate for my new and improved, flash driven website. I have high hopes but I don’t know if it will ever happen but I like the sketches.