Thursday, November 04, 2010

Locating my inner Electrician

I have been working on incorporating light into my work for a while now. You may remember the shadow boxes I took to the American Craft Council show. Those were cool and all but they just tore through batteries. I needed to figure out how I could make lights last longer and incorporate them better into my work. I had already been thinking about the "Creatures of the Night" and had them pretty much finished when I got the bright ;) idea to use them as guinea pigs. (are guinea pigs nocturnal?) So here my journey into the world of electronics begins.

First step was figuring out how the light effects the piece. What needs to be lit. what is too much light. things like that. I really wanted white light but found it hard to find flickering white lights in town.

This is the final combo. Checking all the connections with alligator clips. I found this fascinating. I think i might start making my artwork with them. White paper is great for dispersing the light. Or diffusing it. This is my embroidered star with the light.

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