Thursday, April 08, 2010

American Craft Council - Baltimore Show

This is a long overdue update on how the show went in Baltimore. Savannah College of Aret and Design and RISD were the two schools participating in the School to Market Program created by the ACC to allow students experienc in all aspects of exhibiting at the show. I along with 11 other students who were selected to be apart of this show worked hard to develop a body of work to present in our SCAD booth. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and pick the brains of so many established artist in the field selling their work. Here are some pictures I wanted to share.

This is John, our wonderful professor of furnature design, after a long drive trying to figure out what we are going to do with all these pieces of booth.
I spared all the pictures of the set up and got right to our well organized, decorated space.
This is my friend Katie Glusica's weavings. The lighting was perfect and they never looked better.
This is our booth in relationship to RISD's
This is Jamie Galloway's work in organic cotton.
This is a view of my work.
A close up of the small shadow boxes.
A closer look at the flying machines.
The set up crew.
from rt to left: Katie, Me, John, Jamie, Johanna, Nicole

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hkpowerstudio said...

Kristie, I loved your work! I was at the ACC show and loved the whole booth set up! I'm a SCAD Fibers Alumni living up in the DC area. I'm not sure when you graduate what your plans are but I'll check back in with your blog.
I came across your blog because I'm trying to figure out who the jewelry designer was that had the rubber band pieces, do you know by any chance? I'm doing a blog post soon about all sorts of rubber band stuff. Thanks in advance! Glad I found your blog too!