Thursday, February 18, 2010

Screen printing Packaging (round one)

I am still getting things ready for Baltimore. I made some boxes for for the flying machines and found some bags for the small stuff. I really am liking the way things turned out. Only the bags gave me a bit of trouble. The handles keept getting in the way.
Hand cut boxes from chipboard.

The first color of my two color print.

Printed boxes.

Printed bags. I thought I might have to change out the ribbon handles but now I think they look fine with the color I mixed.
I will post pictures of the second color (gold) after they are finished. Also can't wait to show off boxes after they have been cut some more and put together in all their cagelike glory. I think I am spending as much time on the boxes as I did the work. Not really though. Once I got the template worked out it didn't take too long.

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