Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Crusade

I have been researching mechanical toys and automata and created my first moving piece of art for my history of fabric class. The starting guideline for the piece was Resistance and and could be interpreted however we saw fit.

I chose the narrative story of the rabbits resisting capture by the birds. These sweet little blue birds most often seen as creatures of happiness, prosperity and renewal are preforming this task of "beak and release" upon the rabbits in mob-like fashion. Something has caused them to react in great numbers with great conviction. I chose rabbits not only for their cuteness and my desire to get away from bird on bird violence but also because they are often viewed as tricksters. The rabbits might be seen as the ones bucking the system of this little forest, but is that stereotype what provoked such action?

I have been dealing with influence and control in my work and have adapted the cage and the beak as my symbols. The cage, as a symbol of control, is pretty self explanatory but the beak can reference so many other things. I am think of the mouse ears used to promote the cartoon character we are all familiar with. I am also thinking of things we use in emergency situations. Oxygen mask, Gas mask, Respirators, we have to breath so I am also taking the other side of the argument. Maybe the birds are trying to help the rabbits, because they think the rabbits can't help themselves.

Ok I have gone on for long enough. The piece is called "The Crusade".
In progress
Initial drawing for the idea of resistance. Felting birds. Felting rabbits.Our cat, Bunny, is disappointed to find out I didn't make this for her stage show. No beak bird discovers he is being watched. He informs his friends.
Finished Piece

In Action