Thursday, June 28, 2007

Heart War Fabric Paintings


Heath said...

Kristie!! I love these!!! I want them all!!! These are sooo much fun to look at, and they all tell wonderful little stories.

I really like the Confederate birds the best. The character designs are just perfect. To be very picky, my only suggestion would be to next time use a pattern in the back ground that is smaller in scale. I think the larger flowers in this fabric are a little distracting. Very minor...and very nit picky...almost silly to even say because everything look so good!!

Great job, Kristie!! I can't wait to see more!


ps. I really like these little birds. Do a bird accidentally shooting the other birds head off with a cannon! Or maybe a sequence with this little guy doing funny things, like they enjoy playing the drums right in the middle of a war scene. Cannon balls and musket balls flying all around them!!

andy nixon said...

He Kristie! These are fantastic. I won't one.


Rodrigo said...

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