Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ice-Atlanta...In the Park.

Come see me in Atlanta on June 2nd. This will be my second Ice Show and I can't wait to see everyone again. It will be my first time selling outside and thusly my first experience with a tent. I will have to do some practice runs setting up because it will also be the first time David won't be there to help me get settled in. You may be able to spot me easy, I might be the one standing by the tent pile. Selling my stuff out of boxes. (Like the people at the flea market.) : ) Nah, I will be fine. I have a month to get ready. Plenty of time to get some extra stuff done. I want to make a banner, print some t-shirts, make smaller fabric paintings, and paint a cow. That should be easy enough. I better get a move on though.

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David Allan Duncan said...

People are going to think I'm an absentee husband. I'm not there for HGTV, I'm not there for ICE. I didn't go to any of my own Graduations, so I don't see why I must attend SCADs.