Friday, April 06, 2007

Filming In Progress.

I set a goal this new year to do one fabric painting a month. These will fill April and May's quota. I went ahead and planned them out before I have to put all my fabric away for the film crew. Yes, Film Crew!!! I have been chosen to be filmed for a segment of "That's Clever" on HGTV. I am excited and the preperation has kept me busy. I have to say I have been more productive within the past month than I have since the new year started. They are going to film me making an oblong balloon vase and a geet. Specifically these:

In progress Fabric paintings and other various pictures:

Possum heart tree (i was inspired by out new backyard friends)

Vulture and Bunny (we don't have vultures or bunnys in the backyard)
Underglazed balloon vases.

I have alot of cleaning to do. (notice the table David and his dad built for me to work on. You will have to just imagine its awsomeness since it is covered with mess.
And the Bass in the background David is teaching me to play. )

The barn has been over taken by all my practice pieces. 50 balloons later, I think I have the process down now.

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